Helping high-achievers at a career crossroads clarify their career strategy and realise their potential

Are you a high-achiever at a crossroads in your career? You’re experienced, successful in your field — but feel stuck or confused about your next career steps. You want to do the work which lights you up, increase your income and impact.

With my support, you’ll find clarity on your direction, build confidence and create a personalised strategy to minimise risk and realise your potential. Here’s how we can work together to create your career by design…


A 60 minute coaching session to brainstorm new ideas or find solutions to an immediate career challenge. Go from frustrated to clear on your next career step — so you get results, fast!


A 1 month coaching intensive to create a customised strategy to advance your career or find a new role. Develop a personalised plan to get unstuck and reach your goals with confidence.


A 6 month program to find the work which lights you up, increase your income, impact + create a career on your terms. The most popular program to get game-changing results with me by your side!


“Coaching with Stacey is like unwrapping negative layers of inhibitions to discover what you want and need out of your career. She had strategies, creative ideas and helpful exercises that assisted me in forging a career path that honours my values and purpose. I felt reassured about my career potential and confident about myself and my abilities.”

Linda, Legal Consultant

“Before I met Stacey, I was feeling a bit lost and directionless about where to start in exploring a career change.

Stacey took me through a number of exercises which helped me realise the types of things I’m looking for in a career, what my values are and how I might start to bring these two things together.

We had a ‘break through’ moment in one session where she was able to help me dissect a pivotal moment in my life; work out why it was so important and the personal values attached to this. Before this, I was not aware that these values were so important to me and something I need to consider when making decisions about my career.”

Victoria, Lawyer

“​When I started coaching with Stacey, I was resenting my business. Everything felt chaotic – a big mess. And I knew I wanted better work/life balance and clarity in my schedule.

Since working with Stacey, I’ve managed to create a work schedule that allows me time to work ‘on’ my business. This has given me the clarity I was desperately lacking.

Stacey knows how to guide you in the direction that is right for you, using a variety of coaching methods. You come out the other end realising what you need to do in order to achieve what you inherently desire from your personal and professional life.”

Erica, Business Owner


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