#16: 7 Revealing Signs Of Career Growth You Need To Know

Jun 13, 2024

How often do YOU pay attention to your career growth and development? Today, I’m talking about the less obvious signs you’ve grown in your career.

Research shows employees want access to advancement opportunities at work. In fact, Gallup has linked record rates of disengagement to a lack of career development. Meanwhile, McKinsey found it’s one of the top three reasons people quit their jobs.

After working with hundreds of leaders, here’s what I’ve noticed…

You think about your development when you’ve got a big career goal in mind — say, a promotion. Or if you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or confused about what to do next in your career.

Many organisations are now encouraging regular career and development conversations between staff and leaders. Yet for these discussions to be successful, they need to be employee led.

Meaning: YOU must be clear on your career goals, development areas and track your progress on an ongoing basis.

But when work (and life) gets busy, attention shifts to short-term priorities. And it’s easy to forget your long-term goals, where you were six months ago — and how much you’ve grown.

So HOW can you tell if you’re developing in your current position?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing 7 subtle signs you’ve grown in your role — even if you think you haven’t!

You’ll learn:

  • 2:50: A tell-tale growth sign — and two things you NEED to know to advance your career
  • 3:29: The danger of letting others dictate your career path and what to do instead
  • 4:32: When worrying less about your weaknesses is a sign of career growth — and a simple step to leverage your strengths
  • 6:26: Why confidence is the biggest clue you’re developing in your current job — and the one thing you MUST master to cultivate more of it!
  • 7:38: Whether doing MORE in LESS time is an indicator of growth
  • 8:25: When receiving recognition is clear evidence you’ve grown in your role
  • 8:55: How having ‘itchy feet’ is hinting you’re growing — and practical ways to use it to develop your current career

Hit play now — all will be revealed in this episode!

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