#18: Struggling To Get Results? 5 Reasons You Fail To Take Action

Jul 11, 2024

Ever felt like you’re all talk — and no action?!

Today, I’m sharing the REAL reason you’re struggling to take action and get the results you’re after…

I don’t know how it happened, but we’re officially HALF-WAY through 2024! 

July also marks the start of a brand new financial year here in Australia. A time where leaders are starting to look ahead at their business strategies and professional goals for the next 12 months.

And I’m noticing a lot of individuals talking about the goals they’re yet to reach — or strategies they still need to put in place. 

As a high-performer, when you’re NOT achieving the outcomes you desire, it’s natural to ask: What do I need to DO about this?

But 80% of the time what you’re doing (or not doing) isn’t the issue. You see, the reason you’re not creating momentum is internal. It begins with your mind.

Finding it tough to take action?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the five main roadblocks which keep high-achievers stuck in inaction. 

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest fear which holds people back from taking action and achieving the results they want
  • Why waiting until you ‘become’ more confident is actually keeping you stuck — and the one thing you MUST do to beat self-doubt
  • How to overcome overwhelm and take action towards your goals when you struggle to find the time
  • Why working hard won’t always get you results — or even guarantee you’ll reach your goals
  • How trying to be ‘perfect’ stops you in your tracks and practical ways to work through it

Discover the EXACT mindset shifts you need to make so you get the results you want in your career, this year!

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