#7: Identity Tied Up In Work? How To Know If It’s Holding YOU Back!

Feb 8, 2024

What happens when you’re established in your career, known for what you do — and suddenly, you’re not in that role anymore?

Whether you’ve stepped away from a career you’ve worked in for years, are between roles or considering a change — it’s common to feel a lot of fear or like you’ve lost your identity.

Having experienced this myself and helped many clients navigate similar situations, I understand how challenging it can be.

It can feel like you’ve lost your identity and leave you questioning your abilities — and value.

In today’s episode, I unpack:

  • Practical, real-life examples to demonstrate HOW this holds you back in your career
  • The truth about what’s REALLY keeping you stuck
  • My 3 go-to practices to help you have a healthier separation between your identity and work

Because when you realise WHAT you do is not WHO you are, you will create the career you want with certainty, ease and confidence.

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