#13: Career Coach Or Recruiter? How To Choose The Right Expert Support

May 2, 2024

During a recent Q&A, someone asked: ‘How — and when — do you recommend working with a recruiter?’

A week later, a private coaching client wanted similar guidance on how to approach a recruiter in a new market.

When the same question comes up, I listen! Which is why I’m going to answer it for you on today’s podcast.

Lots of leaders come to me for coaching after they’ve engaged recruiters without success. They know they want more — yet aren’t sure what this looks like. Or for others, if the pathway they want is even available in their current company or profession.

Can you relate?

If you’ve followed a conventional career path, the strategy you’re taught to use in this situation is to immediately search for a new job. So you’ve tried using your network and reaching out to recruiters — but you’re still stuck!

Your job search — and in particular, working with a recruiter — is ONE small piece of your career strategy. As a career planning specialist, I also promise you it’s not the first place to start.

So when should you work with a recruiter? And do you need a recruiter — or a career coach? I’m unpacking these questions and MORE in this episode.

And as a former recruiter, you can bet I have some best practices and top tips to share on this topic!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Practical steps to follow when working with a recruiter — and the difference between a good recruiter and a great one!
  • Where recruiters fit into your overall job search strategy and how to create an effective strategy for your career objectives
  • 3 reasons to work with a recruiter — and 3 situations I suggest you do THIS instead
  • How to know if you need a recruiter or career coach, so you can choose the right expert to support your goals

So hit play now and let’s dive in!

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